Day One


I met with Commander Titus and Chief Physician Tamirus at Varn and we discussed my future apprenticeship with the Greens training as a Battle Medic and, potentially, a transition to their caste. The Commander was very supportive and I was honored by his generosity and kind words. However, although he was doing his best to hear the proposal, I think the Chief was overwhelmed with tasks related to again setting up the abandoned infirmary he once ran.

The city beast Logan also accompanied me to this meeting. I find him both interesting and pleasing to the eye and am considering his purchase from Slaver Ember. He seemed very eager to learn what his tasks might be if I were to be accepted. He also came up with one of his own, massaging my hands after hearing how many forms and reports I would be writing at the infirmary. Clever boy, that one.

After the Commander left, a Free Woman by the name of Lady Boa arrived to meet with Tamirus. I learned she was the former Head of Caste of the Besnit Medical Academy. Supposedly, Besnit was recently destroyed and she was fortunate to have escaped with her life. To me, she seemed very “by the book” and I hope my unconventional humor and methods will not be inappropriate. I look forward to learning as much from her as she’s willing to share.

Speaking of unconventional, Ceb appeared during their meeting. Drunk and disorderly, as usual. To keep him from humiliating everyone in the room, I grabbed him by his harness and dragged him over to an exam table. After a few words and some manhandling, he settled down and wished me well. Of course, he also had to compliment my caste kilt by reaching a hand under it. I’m certain we’ll be seeing him in the infirmary for a number of reasons sooner than later.

Later, I received word that Tamirus had accepted my application and will mentor me personally. I was ecstatic with the news.

But not necessarily looking forward to all the paperwork.

“On the other hand, I suspect that they fear too broad a dissemination of the Caste knowledge. Physicians, interestingly, perhaps for a similar reason, tend to keep records in archaic Gorean, which is incomprehensible to most Goreans.” — Magicians of Gor